Marching 100 Alumni Band Association

Book Voucher Application (Spring 2024)

Application Deadline: November 30, 2023

The Marching 100 Alumni Band Association (M100ABA) is offering Book Voucher Awards to current members of the FAMU Marching 100 that are in good standing AND a full-time student at Florida A&M University. The purpose of our Book Voucher program is to assist with the educational needs of members of the Marching 100. To be considered for an award, you must complete all three sections of the application (if the question does not apply to you, please enter "N/A" or "Not Applicable", if the question is described as "Optional", you are not required to answer to be considered for this award). If any section is left blank (besides the optional questions), your application will be considered incomplete. All Applications should be submitted by November 30, 2023 11:59pm EST. Previous voucher recipients are eligible to reapply 12 months AFTER they have received an earlier voucher. 

As a part of the M100ABA Educational Committee's policy, the information you provide:

  • Will be held CONFIDENTIAL
  • and may be subject to verification by Florida A&M University.

M100ABA Book Voucher Application
Questions marked by * are required.
1. Full Name: *
2. Student ID Number: *
3. Age:
4. Band Freshman Year: *
5. What leadership roles have you held within the Marching 100 Band?:
6. Major: *
7. Minor:
8. Cumulative GPA: *
9. Telephone number(s) where you can be reached: *
10. Email: *
11. Number of credit hours you plan to take in the Spring Semester: *
12. Major Instrument:
13. Minor Instrument(s):
14. Tallahassee Address: *
15. Permanent Address: *
16. Name of Parent(s)/Guardian(s): *
17. Number of sisters: *
18. Number of brothers: *
19. Number of children: *
20. Are you currently employed?: *
  • Yes
  • No
21. If so, where?:
22. Job Title:
23. For how long?:
24. Number of hours per week?:
25. Will your income pay for your tuition and fees (partially or in full)?:
  • Yes
  • No
26. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?:
27. Please explain to us your desire and commitment to obtaining a college education (200 words or less): *
28. Are there any other factors or extenuating circumstances (unusual circumstances) that you would like for us to consider when reviewing your application? (OPTIONAL):
29. What other assistance do you feel the M100ABA should offer to the Marching 100 in the future? (OPTIONAL):

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