Marching 100 Alumni Band Association


Listed below are the officers and committee chairs for the Marching 100 Alumni Band Association.

Position Name Freshman Year Instrument
President Kimberly Evans1992 Clarinet (Soprano Bb)
Executive Vice-President Cicely Mason1992
Clarinet (Soprano Bb)
Senior Vice-President Tony White 1979 Clarinet (Soprano Bb)
Vice-President of Operations Lori Wilson 1995
Flute (Piccolo)
Corresponding Secretary VACANT

Recording Secretary Keyandra Berry2008 Clarinet (Soprano Bb)
Treasurer Vanaya Bredy 1997 Flute (Piccolo)
Financial Secretary Judy B. Johnson 1982
Flute (Piccolo)
Chaplain Rev. Deldrick Leonard 1994
Parliamentarian William Gilmore 1987 Percussion/Drum Major
At-Large Member Anthony Mingo 2007
Clarinet (Soprano Bb)
At-Large Member Today Milford  2011 Trombone
At-Large Member  Natasha Smith1996 Flag Corp 
At-Large Member Andrea Turk  1987Clarinet (Soprano Bb)

Honorary Member Dr. William P. Foster

Database Administrator Daria L. Bullock
Saxophone (Alto)
Web Site Committee Chair
Kiah L. Graham
Clarinet (Soprano Bb)
Activities Committee Chair VACANT

Band Camp Committee Chair VACANT

Public Relations/Communications Committee Chair VACANT

Education/Scholarship Committee Chair Camye White 2006 Flute (Piccolo)
Finance Committee Chair Vanaya Bredy 1997 Flute (Piccolo)
Fundraising (Finance sub-committee) Chair VACANT

Membership Committee Chair Dr. Nina Reyes-Williams 1996
Saxophone (Tenor)

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