Marching 100 Alumni Band Association


Listed below are various committees of the Marching 100 Alumni Band Association. Consider joining one of the committees to help the Association continue its mission of providing support to the students in the FAMU band programs.

Communications & Public Relations Committee

The communications committee will oversee the processes that ensure that members know everything they need to know about the Association, when they need to know it, and receive this information in a format that is useful. The corresponding secretary shall be the chairperson of this committee. This committee also develops a plan to provide the public with information about the Association and promotes its activities. It will serve as a creative resource group for ideas pertaining to public relations, marketing, and advertising and to inform key stakeholders, members and the public in general regarding issues and events affecting the Association.

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Education Committee

The Education Committee for the Marching 100 Alumni Association controls and distributes eight scholarships year round. These scholarships are, The Dr. William P. Foster Scholarship Award, The Shaylor James Scholarship Award, The Lindsey B. Sarjeant Scholarship Award, The Gloria C. Jones Scholarship Award, The Dr. Julian E. White Scholarship Award, The Prof. Charles S. Bing Scholarship Award, The Marching 100 Summer Band Camp Award, Fall and Spring Book Vouchers, and The Highest GPA Scholarship Award.

We are happily involved with the College Fair in conjunction with the Honda Battle of the Bands that occurs every January. We award approximately $9,000 dollars in scholarships every year and are currently producing more ways to increase funding. The Education Committee’s strength is built on ensuring the students are assisted in every way possible through financial support as well as moral support. Always remember, “Education and Success starts with the Spirit and mind”.

Thanks in Advance for your support!

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Finance Committee

The finance committee will ensure the financial stability of the Association through the ongoing assessment and monitoring of the annual operating budget, investment portfolio, grants and contribution activities, and annual audit report. Periodically develop, review, and/or modify financial and investment policy guidelines and financial performance benchmarks in support of the Association’s long-range plan. The treasurer shall be the chairperson of the finance committee.

The finance committee shall contain a fundraising sub-committee. The fundraising sub-committee shall research, develop, and coordinate fundraising projects to support association activities and budgeted expenditures.

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Fundraising Committee

The mission of the Fundraising Committee is to research, develop, and coordinate fundraising projects to support association activities and budgeted expenditures.

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Website Committee

The purpose of the Website Committee is to build, update, and maintain the website for the Association. By using the latest programming and database technologies the web site is utilized in the following ways:

  • Distribute information about upcoming Alumni news, events, and fundraising efforts.
  • Sell Marching 100 Alumni and Marching 100 Alumni Band Association merchandise.
  • Handle online membership registration.
  • Maintain a database that generates an list of Financial Members and Alumni Band Members.
  • Receive donations.
  • Provide information and allow registration for various scholarships offered by the Association.
  • Maintain an Alumni photo gallery
  • Provide up-to-date information pertinent the Association, it's members and supporters.

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Activities Committee

The activities committee is to bring people together and create fun events. A guiding principle of this committee is to make all members (both young and young at heart) feel welcome at these events and organize events that appeal to the band member population.

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Membership Committee

The Membership committee is one of which everyone is informally a part. While the Membership committee is can always use your help in carrying out one of its responsibilities, seeking new members and retaining current members on an informal basis, we would also like you to help in a formal role by joining the Membership committee. Other responsibilities include:

  • Recruitment/retention through publicity, membership drives, and incentives.
  • Maintaining accurate and up to date membership records and providing information when requested.
  • Verifying that all new applicants for membership meet the criteria.
  • Verifying that candidates for officers meet all eligibility requirements.
  • Preparing a slate of candidates one month prior to conference/election.

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Merchandise Committee

The merchandise committee is responsible for maintaining the inventory for and shipping of merchandise, paraphernalia, and tickets for the Association.

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