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Chapter PresidentPresident's Message

It is my esteemed honor and privilege to serve as the second President of the DMV Chapter of the Marching 100 Alumni Association. I came up in the Marching 100 on piccolo in fall 2007 where I marched for three years. I thoroughly enjoyed my time marching in the band. Those that know me know that I don't have a lot of rhythm so my freshman year was very interesting. I came back on fire my neo year and marched in the third position. I had the honor to serve as the band chaplain in the 2009-2010 school year and I also served on the recruitment committee while in the band. I believed in the band motto and showed true dedication to service while in the band.

In the DMV Chapter we are a regional chapter but we do not let the distance keep up from being a family and serving our beloved organization. We meet in person annually and have events and conference calls throughout the year. I am committed to serving you and helping the Marching 100 Alumni Association in whatever capacity is needed. If you live in the DC, MD, VA, NJ, PA or area don't just watch, come on and get active with the DMV chapter of the Marching 100 Alumni Association. Let us all remember our band motto and I quote "Dedication to Service" and we are "A Role Model of Excellence"

Musically yours,

Jasmine Miles
Fall 07 Piccolo
President, DMV Chapter
Marching 100 Alumni Band Association, Inc

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