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Robert Champion - R.I.P

Robert Champion - R.I.PA Message from our President, Victor R. Gaines


It is with an extremely heavy heart that I inform you that we have a loss in our "Marching 100" family. FAMU Drum Major and former clarinet section leader, Robert Champion, passed away Saturday evening. His loss is a big one for a lot of us, and for many different reasons.

Robert was a FAMU Drum Major, and I'd seen him grow as a drum major since he was announced at the Band Ball this spring. He was a drum major in high school, and listened intently when we talked. He wanted to be the best he could in that position, and loved being a drum major. I'd spend moments after a performance talking about things that could be done to improve himself, along with things that could ultimately improve the drum major squad, one I feel he was destined to lead. Whenever he saw me, he always came over to greet me, shake my hand, and listen if I had any advice to give him. Being a talkative one, I made sure to keep it short!

He was a leader to the band members, a friend to those who knew him, and a person that others looked up to in admiration, as he had a most helpful and calm demeanor. He was like a son to me, a brother, and a friend.

As I get more information on the arrangements, I will pass them along to you all. Any official information on the passing of our dearly departed brother will be released by FAMU. I will forward that information to you as I receive it. Their number is 850-599-3413 if you'd like to get an official statement.

Been a long weekend for us, a short time on this earth for Robert. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your life, Mr. Champion. You will be sorely missed.

Victor R. Gaines, aka "Batman"

Founder, President & Chair, Board of Directors
Marching 100 Alumni Band Association, Inc.

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